Steve Jobs was passionate. Plain and simple. When we are children we are excited. About everything! When we are 3 we are passionate about about our favorite toy. We cry and scream and yell if someone takes our toy away. That toy is the best, most exciting thing in the world and we WANT it! At 6 we are still passionate. We just made the most amazing Lego Creation in the entire world. What looks like a bunch of tiny blocks in random towers to adults, is an entire battlefield where we will defeat the enemy single-handedly and save the world! At 10 we are passionate about our new bicycle. This is not just any bicycle. This bicycle is our ticket to another world. We ride to distant lands and make forts under trees. Sometimes we ride so fast we end up flying high over oceans. At 15 we are changing a little. We are passionate about our friends. But sometimes they let us down. It’s harder to be passionate these days. Then we are 18. We move from child to adult seemingly overnight. We are told to be practical. Not passionate. To go to college. Whether we want to or not. And usually this does not include encouraging us to take calligraphy no matter how fascinating we find it.

By sharing his stories at this commencement, Steve Jobs is encouraging these graduates to pursue what they love, even if it doesn’t seem practical. He gives them back their right to be passionate and learn to tell their own story.